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 :: Old lady and the bank -->>  4.7
 :: 20 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity -->>  4.7
 :: AFFAIRS -->>  4.7
 :: A Nuns Story.. -->>  4.6
 :: Kids answers -->>  4.6
 :: Rednecks are Smart -->>  4.6
 :: 12 of the finest (unintentional) double-entendres ever aired on British TV & Radio -->>  4.6
 :: EuroEnglish... -->>  4.6
 :: Scope for rifle -->>  4.6
 :: Screwing -->>  4.6
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::yo mama so stupid    29-Jan-13

::yo mama is soooo stupid    16-Nov-12

::drug test    14-Nov-12

::matress store    14-Nov-12

::Your mama so stupid    17-Sep-12

::A gigolo robot and three ladies    15-Jul-12

::Groom and congrigations    15-Jul-12

::junior    15-Jul-12

::Pastor    15-Jul-12

::Toads    25-Apr-12

::Only once?    14-Dec-11

::Flight attendant    14-Dec-11

::Top ten reasons for being Macedonian    14-Dec-11

::Employment in Macedonia    14-Dec-11

::Man and the Cat    02-Aug-11

::Little Tommy    11-Jul-11

::Blondes See Tracks    06-Jul-11

::Cat commandements    07-Jun-11

::love jokes    03-May-11

::Yo mama so fat    15-Dec-10

::Your momma so smelly    15-Nov-10

::Yo Mama so stupid    27-Sep-10

::TRUE PLAYER    13-Sep-10

::How to kill a blonde    23-Jul-10

::Blondes    17-Jul-10

::how to kill a blonde    15-Jul-10

::Declined    19-Jun-10

::Alphabet    19-Jun-10

::yo mama so smelly    20-Apr-10

::Yo mamma is so fat    14-Apr-10

::how to confuse a blonde??    01-Apr-10

::HOW YO KILL A BLONDE!!    01-Apr-10

::Yo mama    14-Mar-10

::Nidalsaif is the champ 2010    20-Jan-10

::condom joke    26-Sep-09

::Sardaji    23-Sep-09

::The Mathamatic    15-Sep-09

::Dirty blonde    19-Aug-09

::Mariage    09-Jul-09

::Q: what do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you ?    02-Jul-09

::Magic Mountain    30-Apr-09

::Hit By A Trian    29-Apr-09

::Police Pull-Over    29-Apr-09

::yo mama jokes    29-Apr-09

::Lady and noker    29-Apr-09

::Michel Jackson    24-Apr-09

::M&M    02-Apr-09

::Yo mama so stupid    30-Mar-09

::Yo moma so Old    24-Mar-09

::Yo mamas soo small    23-Mar-09

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